How Much Could I save?

Small changes make a big difference. According to the Energy Saving Trust, by changing some of your habits you can save around £360 per year. Here’s a breakdown to show you how.

  • £150By correctly setting your heating and hot water timer.
  • £75By simply turning down your thermostat by one degree.
  • £50By switching your electrical appliances instead of leaving them on standby.
  • £40By swapping all your halogen bulbs to LED’s
  • £30By filling a basin to wash up in the kitchen instead of constantly running your hot tap.
  • £10By spending one minute less in the shower each day.
  • £7By only filling the kettle with the amount of water you need for a cuppa or two.
  • £6By setting your washing machine at 30 degrees rather than 40 degrees.

Heating and Hot Water

More than half of our household heating bills goes on heating and hot water. Find out how you can lower your household heating costs on the Energy Saving Trust website.

Electrical Appliances

The Energy Trust indicates that when it comes to choosing new electrical appliances, such as a fridge freezer, pick a size that realistically matches your needs and no bigger. Then look for the highest energy rating, A or above, that you can afford within your budget. When choosing entertainment appliances televisions tend to use more energy based mostly on their size. For example an A rated 22’’ TV would cost about £4 per year whereas as an A rated 60’’ TV would cost around £33 per year. Again it’s best to choose a television that matches the size of your room rather than just going for the biggest. Find out more about saving money when buying domestic appliances on the Energy Saving Trust website.


Smart Meters

Smart meters are the modern way of keeping a track of your energy consumption; they tell you when you’ve used it and how much it costs. They also cut out the need for taking meter readings. Our Power view smart meters as way of working together for our customers’ benefit. Find out more about smart meters on the Energy Saving Trust website.