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Our Power is a UK not-for-profit energy supplier set up to provide customers with a fairer way to buy the energy they need. Our mission is to make household energy more affordable and greener for all energy customers, whilst helping those who are at risk of fuel poverty or on lower incomes 


Fairer energy prices underpinned by our non-profit ethos

Our Power is a not-for-profit energy supplier. We are owned by social housing providers, community organisations and local authorities, and our aim is to make energy fairer for all members of society.

Our Power aims to reduce heat and fuel costs by passing benefits from the energy sector to our communities. We do this by not paying dividends to shareholders, by finding the most efficient ways to operate, by generating our own power and by reinvesting any profits to benefit our customers and their communities.

Helping you manage your fuel costs

At Our Power, we will deliver ways to help you manage fuel costs.

A smart meter in your home will enable us to offer personal, tailored and confidential advice on the best ways to get value for money from energy used in your home, to stay warm and to save money. You will easily see how much energy you are using and how much you are spending.

We will make it easier to pay for energy, with more flexible ways to top up (for example using apps, by phone or online). We have lots of information on our website about our smart meters, how they work, how to make payments, and how to make the most of the information available through the meter.

We make switching simple and easy

In order to switch all you need is:

  • Your postcode/address
  • A recent energy bill (or the ability to answer a few lifestyle questions)
  • Less than 10 minutes of your time

Switching is a no brainer

​ Plus we want you to stay with us because you want to join our fight against fuel poverty.


HEAT or EAT? It's a choice many have to make

Our new +IMPACT tariff aims to help the 4million British households that are fuel poor and may have to choose whether to HEAT or EAT. 

As well as being super-green, +IMPACT is cheaper than most BIG 6 tariffs and customers who switch will be directly supporting our mission to make energy fairer.

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