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Case Study - Sheena's Story

Pensioners Sheena and Robert MacVicar, housing association tenants living in Douglas, Lanarkshire, switched to Our Power last year. The move has seen their electricity charges slashed in half.


A warmer home and lower fuel bills

“We were really struggling with our energy bills and the cost was only ever going up. When we heard about Our Power and that it was possible to switch to a cheaper supplier we jumped at the chance.

“The entire switching process was easier than I thought it would be – it was quick and simple.”




Help those like Sheena by Switching to Our Power

Our new +IMPACT tariff aims to help the 4million British households that are fuel poor and may have to choose whether to HEAT or EAT. 

As well as being super-green, +IMPACT is cheaper than most BIG 6 tariffs and customers who switch will be directly supporting our mission to make energy fairer.

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