Switch to the Hebridean Take Control Tariff


Do you live in the Outer Hebrides and have a Total Heat Total Control energy tariff (restricted meter)?

Customers on restricted meters are often unable to switch providers without replacing their electricity meter, and are therefore unable to access the range of tariffs available to single rate meter customers.


How do I know if I'm on a restricted meter tariff?

You're likely to be on a restricted meter tariff and can switch to Our Power if you: 

  • Have electric storage heaters
  • Heat your water by electric immersion
  • Live in the Outer Hebrides and your current tariff is Total Heat, Total Control


I've previously been unable to switch, what can I do?

You've now got the opportunity to switch to our Hebridean Take Control tariff. We are very excited about our new tariff as this will be the first time the majority of people living in the Outer Hebrides will be able to switch energy tariff and supplier.

We’ve priced our Hebridean Take Control tariff to offer great rates that we believe will make a real difference to your energy bills. 

See how much you could save by getting a quote now:
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