For Pay as you Go and Pay on Receipt of Bill Customers to avoid loss of supply you can still top up and pay online here


In an Emergency please call 0808 168 4534

Ofgem have announced that Utilita will now supply Our Power customers. Here is a link to their website with useful information for you:

Utilita will have already been in touch to confirm next steps and Our Power will shortly send you a final bill. If you need to contact Utilita please phone them on 03300 583 392

How to Pay

Our Power puts you in control with different options to pay for your gas and electricity.

Most of our customers prefer to choose Pay As You Go as it enables them to stay in control of their energy spend.

Many more of our customers are choosing to have their traditional meters replaced with smart meters which do away with the need to take meter readings which also means the end of estimated bills.

Like traditional meters which have an Electricity Key or Gas Card, smart meters also come with a Payment Card, which not only allows you to top up at your nearest PayPoint but gives you access to our Top up Online service from the comfort of your own home. This keeps you in control so that you know how much you’re spending so no more unpleasant surprises when your bill arrives.

You can also opt to pay monthly by Direct Debit which can help you budget for your energy or you can pay monthly on receipt of your bill when it comes in.​

It’s No More Expensive for Pay As You Go

One of the best things about Pay As You Go with Our Power is that you won’t pay a higher tariff than you would if you chose to pay monthly. You’ll still be able to enjoy the lowest possible energy costs we can deliver.

Smart Meter Payment Cards

When you switch to a smart meter, Our Power will send you a separate Payment Card for your gas and electricity. Each one has a unique set of 19 numbers on the front. You can then decide the top-up method which suits you best with either our Top up Online service – which will save you a trip to the shops – or by visiting your nearest PayPoint outlet.

If you decide to pay at a PayPoint outlet you can carry your Payment Cards in your wallet or purse or simply make a note of the numbers so you’ll always have them with you. After you make payment your meter will be topped up remotely within around 45 minutes.

Please keep your receipt when you top up. If for some reason there’s a problem with the remote connection and your meter hasn’t been topped up, you can enter the code from your receipt directly into the meter (or In Home Display) to complete the transaction.

Traditional Gas Meter Pay As You Go Card

Pay As You Go Top-Up Cards are used with traditional gas meters. When you join Our Power we’ll provide you with a Top-Up Card which has already been pre-programmed with your correct gas tariff. To top up take your card to your nearest PayPoint or PayZone outlet. Once you’ve loaded up your card simply insert it into your gas meter and load up your credit.

Traditional Electricity Pre-Payment Key

Electricity Keys are simple and straightforward to use. When you join Our Power your key will be sent to you already programmed with your customer information or we will provide you with a code that can be used to re-programme the key that is already at your home. This is unique to your account and will load your Our Power electricity tariff straight away.

To get started just follow these simple steps:

  1. If you have received a code then you will need to go to your nearest outlet to re-programme the key. Just give them the key and the code and they will do the rest.

  2. Insert your electricity key into the meter and leave it there for 60 seconds. It will sound a small alert to let you know it’s ready for use.

  3. After this has been done you can purchase credit on your key at your nearest PayPoint or PayZone outlet and just insert it back into your meter to load it up.

Reading Your Meter

Reading your meter on a monthly basis will ensure you get accurate bills from Our Power if you pay by Direct Debit or on receipt of your bill. By switching to a smart meter we can read your meter for you. This will save you time and means we can give you suggestions to keep your gas and electricity costs down even further whilst also making sure your bills are accurate. Learn how to Read Your Meter here.

Save Money

Our Power is committed to helping you save money by offering the lowest energy costs we possibly can. We are also ready to help with suggestions and advice to lower your gas and electricity costs even further. To find out more about managing your fuel costs take a look at some of the hints and tips on the Our Power Save page