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Our +IMPACT Tariff

Our Power’s new +IMPACT tariff is all about putting energy in the hands of our customers. The more customers we have, the lower our prices are – for you and for others living in fuel poverty. Help yourselves, help others.

Why switch to +IMPACT?

  • +IMPACT aims to help the 4 million British households that are fuel poor and have to choose whether to HEAT or EAT
  • Our electricity is super green and is ethically sourced – we know exactly where it comes from
  • +IMPACT is competitively priced – on average customers will benefit from annual savings of around £112*, compared with big six standard variable tariffs
  • All money raised through +IMPACT won’t be handed to shareholders but will be reinvested in communities that need it most
  • +IMPACT customers will be directly supporting our mission to make energy fairer
  • We'll also make a donation to Community Energy South and HartlePower for every switch in the South East or Hartlepool, which will be reinvested in tackling fuel poverty locally

SWITCH NOW   Case Study: Sheena


What is +IMPACT?

Our Power is on a mission to bring equality to the UK energy market.

As you read these words, around 4 million people in the UK will be living in fuel poverty and will regularly have to decide whether to HEAT or EAT.

We don’t think this is fair, so we have introduced our +IMPACT tariff.

As well as being super-green and cheaper than most Big 6 tariffs, +IMPACT will help keep the cost of energy down for families on low incomes or living in fuel poverty.


We are putting the power in your hands

For every customer that switches to +IMPACT, Our Power can offer an affordable tariff for a lower income or fuel-poor household to help them heat their home for an extra 54 days.**

*based on +IMPACT dual fuel rate with a consumption of 3100kwh electric and 12000kwh gas
**based on the average saving in days that could be generated for direct debit and pre pay customers currently paying for gas on a big six standard variable tariff (54 days)