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What are the benefits of Our Fairer Energy?

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B&NES residents will benefit from Our Fairer Energy because it is:

  • Currently one of the lowest cost tariffs available for Pay As You Go (prepayment meter) dual fuel customers
  • Customers pay the same price regardless of how they choose to pay –  so that means it's the same price for Pay As You Go as it is for Direct Debit. This means that Pay As You Go meter customers can switch to direct debit at any time without penalty, and vice-versa
  • Our Power’s smart meters (which are provided to all pre-payment meter customers, and offered to all other customers if they wish) are one of the best available on the market, offering pre-payment customers the opportunity to top up flexibly, monitor consumption more easily, and switch easily between pre-pay and direct debit. They also have an inbuilt ‘friendly credit’ feature, providing emergency credit if a household runs out during evenings or weekends. 
  • Customers also benefit from excellent customer service and no exit fees
  • Our Power’s not-for-profit business model means that any surplus generated is also reinvested to keep customers’ bills as low as possible