A Review of British Gas

British Gas is the United Kingdom’s biggest domestic energy and home services provider. It supplies around 33% of the houses in Great Britain with gas. The company is both British based and owned. It delivers other services like heat systems repairs, home electronics maintenance, plumbing, and drains. Founded in 1995, the company supplies energy to over 33% of the houses in Great Britain.

The company is a subsidiary of Centrica, a multinational company that provides energy and other services. Centrica also governs utility suppliers in North America and the Republic of Ireland.

British Gas Review

Home service capabilities of British Gas

British Gas offers an array of home services for its millions of customers, including boiler & heating repair, plumbing and drains, appliances & electrical, home insurance, and home improvements.

Boiler & Heating

British Gas’ HomeCare range covers all customers’ needs because of the four product options it offers. All pricing plans come with an annual boiler service, including ongoing boiler and control repairs. Here is a quick breakdown of pricing for the HomeCare service plans:

  • HomeCare Four (£23.50 per month) – includes annual boiler service, boiler and controls, central heating, plumbing, drains, and home electronics)
  • HomeCare Three (£21 per month) – includes all except home electrics
  • HomeCare Two (£17 per month) – includes all except home electrics, drains, and plumbing
  • HomeCare One (£14 per month) – includes all except home electrics, drains, plumbing, and central heating


Here are a few of the other a la carte benefits and features that come with the boiler & heating plans for British Gas:

  • Boiler & controls breakdown cover – repairs to boiler and controls throughout the year (£2.50 per month)
  • Central heating breakdown cover – repairs to the boiler, controls, and central heating systems (£5.50 per month)

Plumbing for the heating and boiler

Plumbing & Drains

British gas provides covers for plumbing and drains, as well as repair services. The repair service team includes expert engineers who respond to customers’ needs quickly. Customers can book an engineer through the mobile app or British Gas log in 24/7, 365 days per year. They can check the status of their appointment and receive a fixed-price quote with no hidden fees.

When it comes to the depth of the plumbing and drains repair, the following actions take place:

  • Plumbing system repairs to the house and other outbuildings
  • Repairs to the water supply pipe that falls in the boundary of the property
  • Repair and unblock of the drains and waste pipes to restore and optimize the flow
  • Monitoring and repair for accidental damage
  • Unlimited call-outs to engineers
  • All other labor and parts included


What are the live energy tariffs from British Gas?

An energy tariff is a pricing plan of how customers will get charged for their electricity and gas usage. The energy supplier sets the tariff, which would be British Gas in this case. There are different energy tariff types, which are fixed-rate and variable tariffs.

  • Variable-rate – customers pay the price per unit, which goes up or down
  • Fixed-rate – suppliers offer a fixed rate, which sets up customers to pay an identical unit price throughout the tariff duration

Here is a list of a few energy tariffs available on the market from British Gas for energy customers to review and compare:

  • Cap Tracker Plus September 2021
  • Energy and Boiler Cover Green June 2020v2
  • Energy and Boiler Cover January 2021
  • Energy and Home Services August 2021v3
  • Energy Plus Protection February 2021
  • Energy Plus Protection Green October 2020
  • Everything Online Green December 2021
  • HomeEnergy Secure February 2021
  • HomeEnergy Secure March 2022

Natural gas & Fuel

British Gas fuel mix

British Gas is transparent about the mixture of fuels that they utilize to create electricity, including the environmental impact. Here is a quick breakdown of the energy source and percentage total of British Gas’ mix:

  • Coal: 4%
  • Natural Gas: 29%
  • Nuclear: 9%
  • Renewables: 56%
  • Other Fuels: 2%
  • Carbon Dioxide Emissions: 157 g/kWh
  • High-level radioactive waste: 0.0006 g/kWh


What is the top-up for British Gas?

For people who are on a pay-as-you-go tariff plan with the company, they need to top up their meter credit to make sure their house does not abruptly go without energy. British Gas provides a variety of top methods for its customers.

British Gas customers can utilize Payzone outlets to top up their meters or visit the local Post Office. For customers with standard prepayment meters, Post Office is the only method to complete the British Gas top-up, unfortunately. Both top-up methods are straightforward and take only a couple of minutes to get done.


Payzone top-up method

The year 2020 is the first year where Payzone Bill Payments Limited will serve as the only top-up provider network for British Gas. Customers are required to utilize the Payzone outlets to top-up their cards and keys.

This change is not significant because people can locate Payzone outlets in many supermarkets, newsagents, and various petrol stations. Payzone provides a convenient store located where customers can top up at the nearest location.

So, how does the top process work? Once customers arrive at the store, the process is easy. Customers are to take their card or key, hand it to the cashier, and communicate the quantity they would like to top up, and then pay the correct amount.

Customers receive a payment receipt, which will provide the vend code to track any issues with credit in the future. Users must pay the minimum British Gas top-up cost of £5, and it needs to be to the nearest pound.


Post Office top-up method

The Post office top-up method works very similarly to the Payzone method. Customers must arrive at the Post Office and then explain to the counter attendant that they need to top up their British Gas meter. When the customer successfully tops up their card, they will get a receipt.

A review of British Gas

British Gas customer account management

There are many benefits to being an online account holder with British Gas. Customers can do just about everything from their fingertips, including booking an engineer and earning rewards. Online users receive access to intriguing giveaways and offers. The online account interface allows the customer to receive exclusive benefits and track their awards total.

British Gas customers can submit meter readings through their online account page too. For people on a budget, this is an excellent way to create accuracy and predictability with their energy bills. If customers wish to book their free installation of a smart meter, the online account page enables them to do that quickly and efficiently.

Another excellent online feature is the ability to pay and view energy bills in one shared place. Customers can see their direct debits and stay in-tune with the best possible British Gas deals. The bills are clear and concise, with no hidden fees or unexpected charges.

Customers can even book an engineer and another breakdown of appointments via the online account. If they wish to schedule a service visit annually, they can set the date to ensure it gets done on time and track the appointment status.

BR Gas does an excellent job of educating its customers and making sure they save money in the long run. Through the online portal, customers can monitor how much energy they used up to that point in time. People can compare their usage to other British Gas customers and learn tips in saving energy in their homes. The portal will share many tips to help people save money on their energy bills.

Customers who are on the move can quickly get set up with an online account page. The process is simple because customers can transfer these products into the new home without going through the setup again.


How to login to British Gas Account

The British Gas login process is straightforward for customers to access and complete. Customers can access their account and input their email and password. Once they do this, the British Gas website will take them to their user account page, which includes all the functions previously described.

British Gas Review

British Gas Customer Service

There are many ways to contact British Gas. The company does an excellent job of dedicating its phone numbers to different types of needs. You can contact British Gas’ customer service team for general inquiries, complaints, home service-related questions, and moving/transition instances.

For existing customers, they can speak to a human at British Gas by calling the phone number 0333 202 9802 during the weekdays between 8 A.M. and 8 P.M, Saturday between 8 A.M. and 6 P.M., or Sunday between 10 A.M. and 4 P.M. it is important to note that there is not a 24/7 hotline. Still, this phone number is the first line of connecting for existing clients and customers.

If customers have complaints, they can contact the company in various ways to share their concerns. Customers may fill out the online complaints form or call the phone number and speak to a human at 0333 202 9532. If the online form number is not the best route for customers, they can access British Gas contacts via letter or email:

A guide to British Gas


There are a lot of questions that go into energy and gas usage. Below are some of the most frequently asked questions by both current and prospective British Gas customers.

How do I top up?

There are many ways for top-up utilizing your Smart Card Number:

  • Via the mobile app – download the app to top-up conveniently, wherever and whenever
  • Via phone – customers can call the support team (option 1)
  • At the various shops – swipe the Smart Card at a nearby Payzone outlet or post office
  • Online – log in to the user account page and top up the Smart Card there


How do I restore or reset my British Gas meter?

There may be times when the supply has shut down or run out of credit. To safely restore energy and turn the meter back on, it is a simple and straightforward process:

  • Confirm that all gas appliances are turned off
  • Press the A button on the gas meter to wake up and see the screen
  • Press the B button on the gas meter
  • Press and hold down the A button until the supply turns back on


Can I top up without a Smart Card?

It is still possible to top-up without the use of a Smart Card. Customers will need their Smart Card Number (SCN), however, to complete the top-up process. You can find this number in the pack supplied by the engineer when the meter was installed. Customers can find the SCN by logging into their user account page too.


How do I add gas up to my meter manually? 

There will be instances when your top-up may not appear automatically. Here is a quick process to top up your gas via your meter manually:

  • Press the A button to wake up the screen
  • Press the A button twice to navigate to a credit entry
  • Press the B then A button to enter your code
  • Press B to move forward
  • Press and hold the B button to submit the entry


If I have a smart energy monitor, how do I manually add electricity?

The smart energy monitor provides a convenient, user-friendly process to top up the electricity. Here is a quick step-by-step process :

  • Click the electric prepay within the menu
  • Select add vend code
  • Use the plus or minus buttons to input the code
  • Click next/del to advance forward
  • Hold next/del to move backwards
  • Click next/del to accept and confirm after entering the code


Final Wrap-Up

Although British Gas is not the cheapest energy supply in Britain, it is the largest and provides the most diverse services. When customers choose British Gas, they are selecting the option out of convenience and stability. They know that they receive a one-stop-shop and a responsive team of experts if things go wrong unexpectedly.

British Gas’s convenient top-up method through Payzone is also another draw for customers. The accessibility is superior to its competitors, and it is a seamless process to top-up your account.

The company powers over a third of the houses in Great Britain and will continue to provide a reliable support system of energy and gas solutions to retain its customer base.

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