A Review of EDF Energy

EDF Energy Review

EDF Energy proudly services over 3.5 million British homes and businesses, making it a widely-used, extremely trusted energy provider. Collaborating with public services, government agencies, and the private sector alike, this company boasts experience across the board.

Let’s take a close look at who EDF Energy is, what kind of energy services they offer, and their payment structure for a better take on their overall quality as a company.

Who is EDF Energy?

Since its inception, EDF Energy has demonstrated a strong commitment to low-carbon energy via renewable technologies like wind and solar. As the largest low-carbon energy generator in the UK, EDF also focuses on low-carbon nuclear fuels, which significantly cut into overall emissions.

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These efforts go into about one-fifth of the UK’s electricity, and the company is only growing from there to do their part to cut out coal and gas pollution.

Not only does EDF Energy have eight nuclear power stations, but they also own 35 wind farms, two offshore locations, and Europe’s most significant operational battery storage unit.

EDF is highly involved in the community through both businesses and personal use, implementing innovative technology like smart home devices that save time, money, and energy. However, they are additionally involved in other ways as well.

This energy company is dedicated to their social responsibility of cutting out harmful pollutants, but they go the extra mile to partner with Prostate Cancer UK to support men and their families.

They’re also committed to their educational programs, which work directly with children to deliver an understanding of safe and affordable energy. Within these programs, members strive to inspire young individuals across low-carbon, secure energy for a brighter future.

They even sponsor an educational platform for teachers called The Pod, which offers free curriculum-linked resources for further education.

In a nutshell, EDF is a responsible and well-rounded company at its heart, so let’s dive deeper into its services and offerings.

Review of edf energy


EDF Energy offers services across home, business, and large business. They offer fixed prices for Blue tariffs along with variable tariffs and zero exit fees. We’re going to delve into each of these separately for your convenience.


Homeowners may be able to save money by switching their energy supplier to EDF. They offer a wide range of tariffs that can supply needs for various households. You can choose from the following plans:

  • Easy Online 18 Months: Clients can save money, time, and hassle with fixed prices for 18 months.
  • Easy Online + Smart Home: This low-cost tariff includes a smart home starter kit.
  • Prepay Total Service: Clients get set prepayment energy rates with a guarantee of no price rises and no exit fees.
  • Total Service 1 Year: Commit to 1 year of service with fixed prices and a smart meter.
  • Total Service 2 Years: Commit to 2 years of services with fixed prices and a smart meter.
  • Standard Variable: Secure competitive rates for any type of meter with variable prices.


In addition to its pricing structure, EDF Energy also offers an affiliate program that provides a flat rate commission for all of its products:

  • Dual Fuel: £50
  • Electricity or Gas Single Fuel: £20

Affiliates can gain commissions from all of the above tariffs.


EDF Energy also offers a wide range of options specifically designed for businesses. These options include both short and long term fixed contracts with additional variable products.

  • Fixed for Business Tariff: Businesses can get fixed electricity and gas prices from 1 to 4 years with automatic renewal and a 7% discount when using direct debit payments. Exit fees do apply.
  • Freedom for Business Tariff: Businesses have variable gas and electricity prices with additional flexibility to switch or upgrade at any time. They can switch to another product with zero notice and no exit fees, and they also get the 7% discount on monthly direct debit payments.
  • American Express Fixed for Business: American Express business cardholders have access to fixed energy prices along with American Express rewards. Every £1 spent equality one reward point, plus protection from price rises.

Businesses can quickly and easily get a quote to see if one of the above plans is best for their energy needs.

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Large Business

In terms of large business offerings, EDF Energy provides resources in buying, selling, and navigating energy and energy solutions.

On the buying side, large businesses can find energy sources with fixed price electricity contracts and flex purchasing. This means that the companies are ultimately in control of how much energy they want to buy and when they buy it. It also minimizes risks associated with purchasing energy in relation to contracts.

On the selling side, large businesses can sell their energy through Power Purchase Agreements, or PPA. These agreements include energy from wind, solar, biomass, anaerobic digestion, landfill gas, sewage gas, and CHP.

Large businesses can pursue trading strategies, track the market, and fix their power price for up to three years.

Finally, large business energy solutions come in the form of energy efficiency tools, battery storage, infrastructure services, electric vehicles, and more.

Payment Options

Current users simply need to enter their EDF Energy login to pay their bills directly online on their very own dashboard. This goes for both home and business customers alike.

The Downsides

While EDF Energy has a wide range of options across both residential and commercial customers, there are some downsides that previous users have expressed.

In some instances, you may find that using EDF will actually raise your prices, rather than saving you money as most customers would like to see. Of course, you can get a pretty good idea of what your costs will look like by using the free quote option. Additionally, every switch from a different company and household will have varying results.

Other previous users have experienced issues with the direct debit program. In cases where meter readings aren’t readily available, such as in an apartment complex, the company has been known to assume rates while changing their customers based on assumptions, rather than accurate readings.

Finally, although there are many avenues to get in touch with representatives – including via live online chat, social media, and standard phone numbers – customers seem to have issues communicating complaints and getting answers quickly.

In fact, reviews show that many customers have had to contact the company several times before having their issues addressed or resolved.

Of course, there are also hundreds of positive reviews on the company, so it’s tough to say whether the complaints are legitimate or if the situations were just flukes within the company.

edf energy review

How Do I Contact EDF Energy?

Fortunately, there are several ways you can contact EDF Energy, which opens the doors for more and more customers as technology is constantly evolving.

Firstly, the EDF Energy website hosts a live chat feature that allows you to speak with a representative 24/7 without any holding. Of course, if you prefer the standard phone call, you can also call them directly at 0800 096 4063.

EDF also accepts physical mail, should you choose to write them a letter for any reason.

Finally, you can also contact the company via social media. You can send a message to their team on their Facebook page, or you can tweet them at their Twitter account.

To make things exceptionally easy, the company even has specific contact information for anyone looking to file a complaint. To do so, you can email your complaint to comaplintresolutionmanager@edfenery.com, or you can contact the complaints team Monday through Friday during business hours at one of the two following numbers:

  • 0800 051 1643
  • 0113 820 7292 (mobile)

This specific contact information allows the company to resolve issues faster and prioritize their communications.

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Final Thoughts

EDF Energy displays a great commitment to clean energy, community engagement, and educational resources for both homeowners and businesses alike. With the overall goal of helping the UK achieve net-zero carbon emissions, it’s easy to tell that they care about people and the world around them.

Even in the midst of the COVID-10 crisis, EDF has dedicated its efforts towards helping customers and members of the surrounding community.

EDF has invested its time, money, and resources into low-carbon nuclear power, slowly weaning their systems off of carbon-based fuels. This is a noble goal, especially in a world that is in need of greener commitments.

Despite some negative comments and reviews online from unhappy customers, EDF Energy is rated as “Excellent” on Trustpilot, which gives potential customers confidence in the company. But you don’t have to take people’s words for it – you can head over to their website today to get a free quote for either your home or business.

That being said, the negative reviews might reveal some downsides concerning pricing, communications, customer service, and payments, so it’s wise to take these issues with a grain of salt.

Overall, this is a well-rounded company that’s striving to do its best for a safer, healthier, and efficiently-powered world.




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