Here are some frequently asked questions and answers. Hopefully you’ll find an answer to your own question but if not please drop us an email to or call a member of our friendly support team based in Scotland on 0808 168 4534. They’ll be able to help you.

Why have I never heard of Our Power before now?

Our Power is a new not-for-profit energy supplier set up with the specific aim of delivering low cost domestic gas and electricity to homes across the UK. You can read more about us here.

What energy tariffs do you offer?

We try to keep things simple at Our Power. That’s why we only offer one Standard Gas Tariff and a single, separate electricity tariff for standard, Economy 7 and Economy 10 metered homes. Remember you won’t pay more on any of these tariffs if you choose Pay As You Go on either a traditional meter or a smart meter. We’ve also recently introduced our +IMPACT tariff for those who want to go green and help others in the community who are at risk of fuel poverty. Find out more about our tariffs here.

How do your energy prices compare to other companies?

Our energy costs are highly competitive and will always be the lowest we can possibly deliver. This is because, unlike other energy companies, we don’t have shareholders which means we can re-invest our profits to find ways of sourcing low-cost energy and passing the savings on to our customers. Here’s a link to our prices.

How do I top up my smart meter?

We will send you a smart meter Payment Card which looks a bit like a debit card. It has a 19 digit number on the front and you quote this when you go to your nearest PayPoint outlet to top up. You can read more about Payment Cards here.

How would a smart meter help me manage my energy bills?

The job of a smart meter is to help you manage your fuel costs through understanding how much energy you’re using and how much it’s costing so that you can take action to reduce your usage and see the benefits immediately. The information from the smart meter also lets us know how your energy is being used (you can opt in to allow us to see your usage at 30 minute intervals) and provide tips to help you understand where you could make savings.

Hard to believe maybe but we would rather your money was in your pocket and going towards other necessities than in ours.