For Pay as you Go and Pay on Receipt of Bill Customers to avoid loss of supply you can still top up and pay online here


In an Emergency please call 0808 168 4534

Ofgem have announced that Utilita will now supply Our Power customers. Here is a link to their website with useful information for you:

Utilita will have already been in touch to confirm next steps and Our Power will shortly send you a final bill. If you need to contact Utilita please phone them on 03300 583 392

Where does the power come from?

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We’ll always provide you with 100% renewable electricity which is also locally sourced and community owned wherever possible.

Our first local solar PV arrays are community owned by Bath & West Community Energy:

Stowey Farm solar PV (250kWp capacity)

Following the success of the roof mounted solar system at Stowey Farm, BWCE has installed a further 250kW community owned ground mounted scheme on the same site. The project was commissioned in September 2016.

Wilmington Farm solar PV (2.34MWp capacity)

The Wilmington Farm Solar Array started exporting electricity to the grid at the end of March 2015. At 2.34 MW this was BWCE’s biggest community owned solar array when it was first installed. 

As Our Local Green Energy customer numbers grow, we’ll seek to buy power from more local generators in and around Bath & North East Somerset. That way we’ll help to support more renewable energy in the district.

We buy our electricity direct from the generators using power purchase agreements. That means we can tell you exactly which schemes you’re supporting, and where your power is coming from. We’ll report back on this over time, so you can see what proportion of your electricity has come from where.

We also always make sure we match your demand with supply from these schemes over the year. That means we always put at least as much local energy into the system as our customers take out. So it doesn’t matter if you need power when the sun isn’t shining. And you can be confident your money goes to supporting local energy producers.

Just to make your life easier, we can combine our local, green electricity with standard gas to provide you with dual fuel.