Our Power in B&NES

The Our Power in B&NES scheme, supported by B&NES Council and Bath & West Community Energy, offers residents the choice of two new energy supply deals:

  • Our Local Green Energy – 100% renewable electricity, which is locally generated and community owned wherever possible, using green energy from B&NES and the surrounding area
  • Our Fairer Energy – one of the cheapest dual fuel tariffs available on the market for Pay As You Go customers

Our Local Green Energy

The ‘Our Local Green Energy’ tariff gives you 100% renewable electricity, the majority of which will be locally produced using generation from Bath & North East Somerset and the surrounding area. As well as being local, our renewable electricity generators are community owned wherever possible. This means more benefits stay in the local economy.

Electricity is available on its own or with standard gas to make dual fuel. Plus, with no exit fees, you’re always in complete control.

You’ve got the power to choose local, green energy.