Our Hemp Power

Efficient Natural Energy

Eco Friendly

Many energy-crops and fossils are a part of harmful emissions that can pollute the environment adversely. However, industrial hemp doesn’t emit toxic substances right from the plantation to the extraction process.

Low Cost

Extracting energy from industrial hemp comes with many other income opportunities, which help us in providing low-cost power to our consumers.

Alternate energy source

Industrial hemp as an alternative source for bio-energy and bio-fuel, reduces the dependency on depleting energy sources like fossils and rare energy-crops. Consequently, hemp helps us to stop the abuse of natural resources to a large extent.

Hemp has been used by humans for thousands of years.

OUR POWER leads the way to create sustainable, eco-friendly and low-cost energy hubs that use industrial hemp as an energy source. Bio-energy is not new to the energy industry, but the industrial hemp, practically, is a distinct source of renewable energy. Hemp has an impressive consumption history, and it is a perfect option to produce bio-energy without hurting nature.

We believe in making a better society that runs on clean energy and reduces pollution to the minimum.

Our team is passionate about hemp and how it can improve energy control and create a cleaner environment.

We use the most advanced methods and clean raw hemp materials to build our power plants that can sustain clean natural energy for long periods.

Frequent Questions

Yes, when you register for our power supply, our team will install a new advanced meter that will run under our energy management that is separate from the government’s.

All our plans are postpaid. Once you have used your monthly free quota, you will be reminded to pay your bills every upcoming month.

You can approach our customer care service to know more about bill payments and other queries. We will be happy to help you out.

You will be reminded for consuming more energy than the limits you set according to the plans. The prices for the energy costs will remain the same.


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