Fairer energy that puts you in control

We’re a not-for-profit energy supplier. We offer cheaper tariffs and fair pricing, while helping the planet.

Our simple tariffs

Our best energy tariff

Pay no more than anyone else. We have one fair price for all customers - whether you choose Pay As You Go or Direct Debit.


Our take control tariff

Specially created for those on a restricted meter tariff (i.e. Total Heat Total Control or Comfort Plus).


How we are different

We exist to provide you with a fairer, more equal way to buy energy:

  • Fair pricing for all
  • Not-for-profit. We focus on you, not making profit
  • Smart meters - putting you in control
  • Excellent UK based customer service

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Welcome to Our Power

We are an independent gas and electricity supplier who deliver low-cost utilities to homes all across Scotland.


On a restricted meter?

Customers on restricted meters (i.e. Total Heat Total Control or ComfortPlus tariffs) are often unable to switch providers without replacing their electricity meter. You can now Take Control with Our Power.

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