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Our Take Control Tariff


Do you have a Total Heat Total Control or ComfortPlus tariff (restricted meter)?

Customers on these restricted meter tariffs are often unable to switch provider without replacing their electricity meter, and are therefore unable to access the range of tariffs available to single rate meter customers.


How do I know if I'm on a restricted meter tariff?

You're likely to be on a restricted meter tariff and can switch to Our Power if you: 

  • Have electric storage heaters
  • Heat your water by electric immersion
  • Live in North Scotland and your current tariff is Total Heat, Total Control
  • Live in South Scotland and your current tariff is Comfort Plus (Control or White Meter)

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How do I take control of my energy?

You can save up to £300 by switching to Our Take Control tariff. We are very excited about our new tariff as this will be the first time many of you will have had the opportunity to switch.

As part of our mission to make energy fairer, we’ve priced Our Take Control tariff to offer great rates that we believe will make a real difference to your energy bills. As switching is not possible via conventional Price Comparison Websites or other energy suppliers we’ve created our own unique online switching journey.


Join the revolution

Our Power is Scotland's first not-for-profit energy supplier, established and owned by social housing providers, local authorities and community organisations. And we're on a mission to make energy fairer.


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A warmer home and lower fuel bills

“We were really struggling with our energy bills and the cost was only ever going up. When we heard about Our Power and that it was possible to switch to a cheaper supplier we jumped at the chance.

“The entire switching process was easier than I thought it would be – it was quick and simple.”