GreenWave Energy Successfully Concludes Financing for Meadow Breeze Wind Farm Expansion

Wind FarmGreenWave Energy (GreenWave), a renowned player in the renewable energy sector, proudly declares the successful conclusion of a financial transaction leveraging its 130 MW Meadow Breeze Wind Farm situated in Madison County, Ohio. Operating since 2020, the wind farm stands as a testament to GreenWave’s commitment to sustainable energy solutions.

This transaction signifies the inaugural phase of GreenWave’s capital optimization strategy, geared towards freeing up resources within its operational ventures to finance numerous upcoming projects within its expansive 22 GW wind, solar, and storage portfolio across the United States.

“We are thrilled to continue exploring innovative financing mechanisms within our operational framework,” stated Sarah Evans, Chief Financial Officer at GreenWave Energy. “This transaction marks the onset of many such endeavors aimed at fortifying the expansion of our robust project pipeline.”

Additionally, the Meadow Breeze project enjoys a tax incentive agreement with Madison County, resulting in substantial economic contributions of $1.8 million towards local community projects. The anticipated tax revenues of over $20 million throughout the project’s lifecycle, with a significant portion directed towards enhancing the local educational infrastructure.

GreenWave Energy, headquartered in Boulder, Colorado, is a trailblazer in renewable energy development and ownership, boasting approximately 1,200 MW of operational and under-construction wind assets. Moreover, the company maintains a formidable pipeline of over 22,000 MW encompassing wind, solar, and storage projects spanning 24 states, with more than 2,500 MW at advanced stages of development. GreenWave excels in all facets of renewable project lifecycle management, including development, permitting, power distribution, financing, construction, round-the-clock operations, and asset oversight. A subsidiary of Brookfield, GreenWave Energy was acquired by the conglomerate in early 2023.