Thailand Explores Innovative Renewable Energy Solutions with Italian Startups

Renewable Energy Solution

Maris met with Manuele Aufiero, co-founder of Sizable Energy, and Andrea Gennarini, co-founder of 2100 Venture, on May 19 in Milan. Thailand has shown a keen interest in Sizable Energy’s patented technology, which merges pumped-storage hydroelectricity with the potential of saltwater on the ocean surface.

The concept revolves around the creation of large spherical reservoirs made from recycled plastic, which are interconnected and float on the sea surface. These reservoirs use wind and solar power to operate, driving the movement of desalinated water, which is lighter than seawater. The system generates electricity by moving saturated seawater between the reservoirs. This process is entirely free of fossil fuels and does not produce any pollution. It operates within a closed system, ensuring it is both secure and environmentally friendly.

During the meeting, Maris explored the details of this innovation and its potential application as an alternative energy source for Thailand. He intends to present this technology to EGAT to arrange further discussions and assess its feasibility for implementation.

“Besides establishing a foundation for collaboration between Thailand’s EGAT and Italy’s Sizable Energy to seek alternative energy solutions for Thailand, the discussions also included the potential for the Italian startup network and investors to engage in various activities aimed at empowering SMEs and the younger generation in Thailand,” said Kulit Sombatsiri, advisor to the Prime Minister.