Ukraine and Italy Forge Green Partnership

Solar Panels

The Ministry of Energy of Ukraine and the Ministry of Environment and Energy Security of Italy have formalized their collaboration in the energy transition and renewable energy sources. A memorandum was signed by Svitlana Hrynchuk, Ukraine’s Deputy Minister of Energy, and Vannia Gava, Vice Minister of the Ministry of Environment of Italy, as part of the UN Climate Change Conference COP28 held in Dubai.

The Energy Strategy of Ukraine until 2050, presented by Minister of Energy German Galushchenko, designates the green transition and the advancement of renewable energy as pivotal objectives. Hrynchuk expressed the significance of deepening cooperation with Italian partners in these areas and conveyed satisfaction in concluding the memorandum.

The cooperative efforts outlined in the memorandum specifically target the decarbonization of Ukraine’s entire energy sector during the post-war recovery and reconstruction phase. The areas of interest covered by the memorandum include technology transfer and capacity building in the renewable energy and energy efficiency sector, exchange of best practices and knowledge in energy transition and innovative technologies in the decarbonization process, acceleration of the deployment and utilization of renewable hydrogen, clean biogas, and biomethane, as well as the reinforcement of public participation and sharing of best practices in energy system management. This collaboration also extends to the revision of the National Energy and Climate Plans (NECP).