Approval Granted for Installation of Massive Solar Panel Array on Bradford Factory

A prominent employer in Bradford has received the green light to proceed with the installation of an extensive array of solar panels across its warehouse and production facilities.

Solar Panel Array Princes Soft Drinks, a key player in the Bradford business landscape known for its nationwide beverage production, had submitted an application to establish a novel green energy facility atop two of its structures situated along Tong Street.

With a workforce of 400 individuals at its Bradford location, the company’s proposal entails the placement of numerous panels on both the warehouse and production edifices. This visionary plan also encompasses the incorporation of solar inverter stations alongside a transformative power station.

This week, the scheme garnered approval from the planning officials at Bradford Council. They commented, “The proposal signifies a forward-thinking step in the direction of adopting a renewable and eco-friendly energy source, consequently reducing the company’s reliance on traditional energy supplies.”

“The adoption of this proposal stands as a commendable initiative to enhance air quality and contribute positively to the broader environmental landscape,” stated the planning officers.